Azure ARC For Servers Update Managament

This article is continuation of the previous post Azure ARC For Servers – Part 1. In this post we will learn how to set up Azure ARC Update Management for patching servers.

This service is some kind of alternative of the WSUS which is On-Premise solution.

In previous article we successfully deployed Azure Connected Machine Agent to our server and after some time server automatically appeared in Azure.

Now in Azure Portal we need to navigate to that server and choose option for update management.



Before enabling Update Management we need to create Azure Automation Account and Log Analytics workspace.



The process of creating Azure automation account:

We need to provide subscription, resource group, automation account name and region.




The process of creating Log Analytics workspace:

In this case we will use the default option – Create New Workspace. This will create new workspace resource within resource group.



This is automatically created resource group and workspace analytics resource which we are already mentioned above.




The process of creating and deploying Log Analytics agent to our server with new method – Extensions.




We need to enter Workspace ID and Workspace Key.


We can find Workspace ID and Workspace Key inside Workspace resource.


After the deployment of Workspace Analytics agent, we need to enable our server for update management.





VOILA server is enabled for update management.

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