Azure Arc For Servers Deployment

In this post we will learn how to set up Azure Arc For Servers. It’s very simple and straight forward, so no prior knowledge required.

Let’s Begin


Azure subscription is required for creating any objects. So first we must create subscription inside Azure Portal. For that we need Azure Account which can be free too.

Create Azure subscription


Inside our Azure subscription we need to create resource group which will contain all our resources.

Create resource group


Azure Arc-enabled servers depend on the following Azure resource providers:

  • Microsoft.HybridCompute
  • Microsoft.GuestConfiguration

In order to use that providers we need to register services. We can register these services in different ways but in this example we will use Azure CLI.

Register azure resource providers



Now we can create our Azure Arc For Server resource inside our previously created Azure Resource Group.

Create azure resource arc1

Create azure resource arc2


Now we need to deploy Azure Connected Machine Agent to our server. For that we have different options which have different purposes. In our case we will use Add a single server method – which is useful for deploying agent only to one server. Agent will collect all information about our server and will report that information to Azure (in other words this is connection between our server and Azure).



After we choose our method we have option now to download deployment script. After we download and run the script, we just follow instructions on the screen (we need to confirm identity and authenticate to Azure).



If we do this successfully we get pop up on the screen – which confirm that agent is successfully deployed to our server.

Agent deployment success



Inside our resource group we can see now our server – in my case this is Contoso-AD-DC. It can take up some time to appear.

Machine Registration



We have successfully set up Azure Arc For Servers. See ya in next posts.

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